About Us

Welcome to Sociology Inc.! Our platform offers a unique perspective on sociology, applying sociological concepts to current events through expert contributions. Our goal is to change the world through the power of social science by discussing social dynamics and academic concepts in an engaging and accessible way.

As the founder of Sociology Inc., I hold a PhD in sociology from Emory University and have served as a political sociology professor and environmental sociology professor. With my experience in the classroom, I want to teach the world about the discipline and its potential for creating a better society.

At Sociology Inc., you will find user-friendly articles covering a range of topics including applied sociology, race and ethnicity, culture, gender, and social class. Some of the articles on this site are written with the assistance of artificial intelligence. This process allows me to produce high-quality content more quickly and efficiently. By exploring social topics in-depth, we hope to increase awareness and understanding of longstanding and emerging social challenges and encourage collective action towards a more equitable world. Join us in exploring the fascinating world of sociology!

Dr. Nelson-Goedert